Canonic [adjective]

Definition of Canonic:

concerning ancient culture

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Sentence/Example of Canonic:

In place of logic we find canonic, the theory of the three tests of truth and reality.

Die constitutiones canonic den Kaysern verbieten zu richten und sprechen in geistlichen sachen.

Amolo invited all the bishops of the country to do their utmost to re-introduce the old canonic restrictions against the Jews.

One voice retained the Cantus firmus, the others were to be set to it in canonic or imitative mode.

With regard to style of writing for the clavier—a few canonic imitations excepted—there is no real polyphony.

There is strength if not beauty—the old canonic beauty—and in the place of the latter may be found rich colour.

The transition, with some canonic imitations and stimulating sequences, leads us to the second theme at measure 50.

I have already endeavored to explain the nature of canonic writing.

They sought to accomplish their purpose by breaking the shackles of canonic law.

The term "canonic style" is sometimes applied to music in which the imitation is not exact.