Canonizing [verb]

Definition of Canonizing:

sanctify; idolize

Synonyms of Canonizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canonizing:

Sentence/Example of Canonizing:

It was he who prevailed upon the Pope to canonize Archbishop Anselm.

Not satisfied with three Gods, they must canonize and deify men and make saints and demi-gods.

Annyway, I'll give um full absolution, so that death can't hurt um sariously, an' I'll canonize him as a martyr.

We were almost ready, in our thankfulness and joy, to canonize the ship and crew, and cut her up into snuffboxes and toothpicks.

But this could hardly be, for the king would not canonize himself, and it is he who will name them when founding them.

Six several attempts were made, at various times, to canonize Capistrano, but the fates were against it.

The general council of Christians alone has the authority to canonize anyone or to order anyone to be adored as a saint.

There is no doubt that Shelley enthusiasts decried the father too much in their efforts to canonize the son.

How are we to reconcile this sacrilegious classification with the dogmas of the church, which canonize two blacks, viz.

Except in the case of new songs, do let us off with the chord, and we'll canonize you as a model of self-restraint and good sense.