Canopied [verb]

Definition of Canopied:

wrap, hide

Synonyms of Canopied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canopied:

Sentence/Example of Canopied:

At the upper end is a beautiful little reader's pulpit, and in the north wall there are two handsome canopied niches.

As Kathlyn advanced to the canopied dais upon which she was to be crowned, a hand filled with flowers reached out.

One railway trip he enjoyed—a thirty-five-mile flight down the steep mountain of Darjeeling in a little canopied hand-car.

The present rood screen and canopied stalls were put in toward the close of the fifteenth century.

The lower portion of the faade is extremely good, the three canopied doorways being pure Italian Gothic.

Standing on canopied turrets at each end of the gable are angels blowing bronze horns.

She started to the tall canopied head and pulled the faded fabrics away from the paneling.

He stood up and walked over to the great canopied four-poster bed, then he was on his knees again, peering under it.

The prize winner was a basket phaeton covered with pink carnations, and canopied with the blue Californian daisies.

From these arches hung festoons of marguerites, wistaria, orange and lemon blossoms, the streets being canopied with flowers.