Cantatas [noun]

Definition of Cantatas:

written or musical creation

Synonyms of Cantatas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cantatas:

Sentence/Example of Cantatas:

In spite of this official success, the cantata did not win the approval of the musical authorities.

Nevertheless, Cui did not handle the young composer so severely as on the occasion of his Diploma Cantata.

On this occasion he was well beforehand with the work, and sent in the cantata to the committee by the 1st of April.

There the pupils of the Conservatorium awaited them, and sang a cantata composed by Elsner for the occasion.

This ceremony was an annual function, one of its features being the performance of the cantata which had won the music prize.

We had travelled with the Marquis Amde de Pastoret, who had written the words of the cantata which had won my prize for me.

You say that the Cantata might serve your purpose for the Oratorios and I ask you if you find 50 too much to give for it?

That will not do, he replied; Ill hurriedly write you a cantata, which you must sing for him.

A little cantata, written in honor of Prince Lobkowitz, belongs to this month of December.

The cantata referred to was to have been a setting of Campbells Battle of the Baltic.