Canteen [noun]

Definition of Canteen:

portable kitchen

Synonyms of Canteen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canteen:


Sentence/Example of Canteen:

As Matt stepped back from the motor-car and finished screwing the cap on the canteen, a man jumped out into the road.

Still hanging to Clip's canteen, he jerked the motor-cycle away from the bushes, got into the saddle, and started the pedals.

So the name of a street has become the much-berated canteen of the sutler and the much needed canteen of the soldier.

Now, after three months without change of diet, the first canteen ship is about due.

The hunter handed over a small bag of food and a large canteen full of water.

The generous cords of Burroughs' haversack and canteen were unloosed and their gratuitous contents speedily disappeared.

Bruce dismounted without having the elephant kneel and went to the water to fill his canteen.

Filling his canteen, he opened his knapsack and prepared a hearty meal.

Odin had crammed his ammunition, food and canteen into a knapsack.

Miss, they don't hesitate to charge four bits a canteen for milk.