Canticles [noun]

Definition of Canticles:

song of praise

Synonyms of Canticles:

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Sentence/Example of Canticles:

In perpetual canticle of love it finds resemblances of the Divine Object of its devotion throughout all nature.

My tears are falling on this page, but my higher and truer self is singing a canticle of praise and wonderful joy.

On the conclusion of the canticle, the coffin was raised from the bier and the door of the court was opened.

But a litany before the air and a canticle after the air are not the same thing.

But Gissing wondered, for a little later he heard a cheerful canticle upraised in the open fields.

She sang that famous Canticle to the Virgin, which, it is said, once saved the life of Siradella.

Imagine, and indeed it happens, the canticle of the Virgin used to magnify the glad impatience of a bride.

There is a tinkling of bells from the valley: even the fields seem to be breathing forth a canticle of praise.

I have chanted the canticle of the new covenant; my race is run; Thou hast pardoned my tottering steps!

Nevertheless, sadly inopportune, the canticle announced to the enemy the approach of the Protestants.