Cantina [noun]

Definition of Cantina:

place for buying snacks

Synonyms of Cantina:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cantina:


Sentence/Example of Cantina:

As they came out of the livery barn again, Bartley happened to glance at the lighted doorway of the cantina opposite.

She has the woman at the cantina backed off the map, and my future Spanish lessons will be under the wing of Doña Luz.

Their sudden action did not escape the soldier, who, attributing it to another cause, also hastily quitted the cantina.

Then they entered a cantina for breakfast, purposely choosing one that was little frequented by Americans.

In Fernando's eyes, in the cantina, there had been the glaze of fear.

There are eighteen holes, with a favorite "nineteenth" in the cantina.

"Pulque fino de Apam" is inscribed on each little blue-and-pink cantina.

"He talk too much of the Box-S horses in that cantina," stated Posmo deliberately.

Mr. Potter's motor we called "the cantina," for obvious and refreshing reasons.

After a futile day they had gone to the nearest cantina, a fairly disreputable place.