Canting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Canting:

She complained that a canting waterman who was one of the brotherhood had held forth against her at a meeting.

“A short half hour will bring down that canting sergeant and the guard upon us,” cried the leader.

Reaching the rail by the life-boat davits, he saw at once that the ship was canting far over.

When the Celestial Balances are canting, a man ought to exert himself.

I knew you for a stout seaman, you rogue, before you took to this long-shore canting.

We are in pain to make them scholars, but not men; to talk rather than to know, which is true canting.

One of those fins sank, canting the ship crookedly, preventing any new take-off.

You shall be at my mercy, where no cool canting villain can wrest you from me!'

The steering of the model is effected by canting the elevator.

But it is useless and canting to say that peccant women are worse than men.