Canton [noun]

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Capitulation of the city of Canton, which had forfeited previous stipulations with the British and resumed hostilities.

I resolved to stop only a few days in Victoria, as it was my wish to arrive at Canton as soon as possible.

I visited during my stay in Canton as many workshops of the different artists as I could.

For miles below Canton, the villages follow one another in quick succession.

It is only during the last few years that we European women have been allowed to visit or remain in the factories at Canton.

Every article of merchandise has here, as at Canton, if not its own peculiar street, at least its own side of the street.

Battle of Sempach, in the canton of Lucerne, which established the independence of Switzerland.

During the last year a serious collision took place between the Chinese authorities and the British subjects at Canton.

His birthplace was in the canton of Vallais, whence he had been brought over the mountains to where he now lived.

The miller was glad that a rifleman from his own canton should prove the best shot, and should have won universal applause.