Cantonment [noun]

Definition of Cantonment:

place to live or sleep

Synonyms of Cantonment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cantonment:

Sentence/Example of Cantonment:

The cantonment was split into two sections by an irregular ravine, or nullah, running east and west.

Thinking to escape and summon assistance from the cantonment, Douglas mounted the wall and leaped into the moat.

The troops, British and native, were stationed in the cantonment of Mian-mir, some five miles from Lahore.

Mr. Mayne of course had his own house in the cantonment, which was situated north of the city, across the river Goomtee.

The cantonment at Umballa, which is four miles from the native town, boasts several hotels.

He defeated the mutineers, and then marched to the Ridge and reoccupied the old cantonment, which had been abandoned.

Within a week Meerut, thirty-eight miles northeast of Delhi, and the largest cantonment in India, was in a blaze.

This expedition practically closed all operations for the season, and the cavalry was put into winter cantonment near Winchester.

The large cantonment for British troops, in respect to completeness of arrangements, is unsurpassed in India.

Even when the city was within Gwalior, the civil headquarters and the cantonment were at Jhansi Naoabad, under its walls.