Cantor [noun]

Definition of Cantor:

church leader

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Sentence/Example of Cantor:

Cantor has half a dozen men in the fifteenth century to whom he devotes more than twenty-five pages each.

When the cantor was present, there was always fun and merriment.

He had attended the lectures of Peter Cantor, and obtained an insight into his impressive style.

Cantor introduced into science a new way of considering mathematical infinity.

Dr. Cantor says that in confinement plantains constitute the favourite food, but deprived of liberty it soon dies.

This improvement also is due to Cantor, and it is one which has revolutionised mathematics.

The solution of the problems concerning infinity has enabled Cantor to solve also the problems of continuity.

Mr. Cantor gazed out across the nearly empty room, and a shadowy smile haunted his eyes.

Bull nodded over the latter portion of his third cigar which Mr. Cantor had not permitted him to escape.

To one side of them sits the cantor with his plate, and beside the cantor, several house-of-study youths with theirs.