Canvases [noun]

Definition of Canvases:

coarse material

Synonyms of Canvases:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canvases:


Sentence/Example of Canvases:

It’s the perfect canvas for designing intricate worlds, manipulating highly detailed photos and editing gripping video.

With your actionable business trends explored, it is time to create a new business model canvas, guided by the idea of how an SEO agency with significant resources can be shaped in today’s world.

These linens are easy to clean because you can pop them in the washing machine, and they can also act as a canvas if you’d like to embroider or customize.

The customized tours launch from Fassbinder’s 35-acre Scullbinder Ranch, which has canvas glamping tents and its own mountain-bike trail system and pump track.

Construction crews finally pulled away scaffolding and canvases two weeks ago, confirming what many residents of the city-state already had guessed.

She has boldly reproduced upon canvas a fulness of life and joy, such as is rarely seen in pictures.

Every detail of this canvas is perfect, because every detail is true, drawn straight from life, the fruit of minute observation.

He, Bastien-Lepage, painter of the soil, found himself unable to transfer to canvas the enchantment of that land of fairy tale!

A terrific roar followed, the canvas was instantly torn open, and the whole tent fell in dire confusion on the top of its inmates.

Then he got slowly upon his knees, and, gently removing the incumbent folds of canvas, looked out.