Canyons [noun]

Definition of Canyons:

gulf in mountain area

Synonyms of Canyons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canyons:

Sentence/Example of Canyons:

The report says that many of the substances may be from sewage spills from Tijuana, the disposal of solid waste and trash, and potentially even plastic that has accumulated in the canyons and Tijuana River.

The novel is bookended by those brief but unsettling pages involving a headless creature that emerges from the canyon near Ruthie’s home, and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Now his distinctive style of adventure is available stateside with his new outfitter, Four Corners Guides, which takes clients through the deserts, canyons, and rivers of southwest Colorado.

And presently we galloped across a mile or two of level grassland and pulled up on the very brink of Sage Creek canyon.

Cautiously we retraced our steps from the lower end of the flat, and turned into the narrow mouth of the canyon.

Then dawn flung itself impetuously across the hills, and the naked rim of the canyon took form in a shifting whirl of smoke.

Then he broke off, and when he next gave hint of his whereabouts, it was to hail us from the nearest point on the canyon rim.

Stooping, lest our heads furnish a target, we splashed along in the shallow water till we reached the mouth of the canyon.

A wavering red line licked its way to the canyon-edge on the east side, wiped out the grass, and died on the bald rim-rock.

They burst out of the mouth of the canyon, a smoke-wreathed whirlwind, heading for the protection of the river.