Capability [noun]

Definition of Capability:

ability to perform

Synonyms of Capability:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capability:

Sentence/Example of Capability:

But against any such depreciatory remarks we have to set Chopin's high opinion of Zywny's teaching capability.

She frequently, out of the strength of her address and capability, had these moments of musing over what could be done.

The governor was required to perform other duties, which were grossly unjust, and in some cases beyond human capability.

His capability in all kinds was limited; his connections, with this side and that, were very intricate.

This capability of dispensing with a generally untractable element of support was felt to be a great comfort.

She felt too well her power to draw Paul to her—indeed, what woman does not know her own capability to attract?

As a business man his position is one of prominence and his capability is widely recognized.

It need scarcely be said that without this capability even marriage cannot make us happy.

I want to judge of her capability to assist Ann and Hannah in the housework; Hannah is getting on in years.

The capability of the horned frog for lasting affection is a subject upon which we have had no symposiums.