Caparison [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Caparison:

At the sound the grooms, who were here and there in the press, hasted to find and caparison the horses of their lords.

Equally apparent is the caparison of their horses; these carrying cavalry saddles, with peaks and cantles brass mounted.

At to-morrow's dawn my esquire shall begin to burnish up my armour—and caparison my courser.

The Caparison of the knightly steed appears to have been of five kinds.

All the women kissed his hand as he rode by on his bay, with fiery red caparison.

The gold twist means the small gilded chains drawn across the chest of a war-horse, as a part of his caparison.

Unarmed she goeth; yet her hands Strike deeper awe than steel-caparison'd bands.

In September she also gave him a quantity of cloth of gold, to make a caparison for his horse.

To his practised eye, their caparison tells that they are intended only for a short excursion, not a journey.

Mariposa said—respectful of the genius manifest in my caparison—that I looked "mos' ezzac'ly like a real, sure-'nough widder."