Capered [verb]

Definition of Capered:

frolic, cavort

Synonyms of Capered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capered:




Sentence/Example of Capered:

Watch capered about furiously, taking little swims in the pool and sniffing at all the dear old familiar things.

Rob capered about and cheered; Edith danced around ringing the dinner-bell and shouting, "Victory!"

He capered along on the high-road, as he returned to the inn where his fellow-traveler was waiting his return.

We danced, we capered, at the risk of our necks, among the slippery kayaks.

And as the little figure capered away into the sunshine: 'They grow up and become men.

Frank capered at his side, ever and again looking up brightly at his new master.

As they went down the street under shading elms the dog, Frank, capered at the end of his taut leash.

He had with him a Red Cross nurse who capered about, singing songs, as did also eight Belgian girls, from the neighboring farms.

The two boys capered into the ring and proceeded to show off the results of their week of practicing and labor.

Sir John almost capered to please her, and the diplomatist in talking to her forgot his diplomacy and the craft of his tongue.