Capering [noun]

Definition of Capering:

antic, lark

Synonyms of Capering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capering:

Sentence/Example of Capering:

Conroy chops raw flank steak from the pedigreed D’Artagnan, mixing it with capers, green peppercorns and a fermented hot sauce he makes himself.

Toss it with tomatoes, garlic, cayenne peppers, pasta, cheese, and lots of capers.

Pop open a jar of caper leaves—yes, off the same plant that gives us briney capers—and have a nibble.

During renormalization, complicated submicroscopic capers tend to just disappear.

If you can induce them to take a step to the right hand, they generally indemnify themselves by cutting a caper to the left.

Tell me, Caper, what idea does even that rough sketch of Venice awake in your imaginative faculties, and all that?'

Caper's face wore a deeply thoughtful look, as he answered: 'I do see it; I do claim to read the lesson you would teach——'

Chandeliers constructed of egg-shells, where candles shone brightly, particularly struck Caper.

As soon as we were alone she began to laugh and caper like a lunatic, singing out, 'You are my rom, I'm your romi.'

He would get up suddenly and cut a caper, rubbing his hands every time that the thought of your fresh laurels came into his head.