Capes [noun]

Definition of Capes:

promontory into water

Synonyms of Capes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capes:


Sentence/Example of Capes:

Cardin bubble dresses and capes enveloped their wearers in oversized spheres of fabric.

At a quarter past seven he took his leave and we let drop our anchor where we were, off Cape Tekke.

Masters and I arranged to come home together and eventually reached Cape Town.

On his return he again doubled cape Good Hope, which had long been regarded as the ne plus ultra of navigation.

In passing round Cape Flinders, there appeared to be a considerable diminution in the remains of the Frederick's wreck.

On passing the cape two reefs were seen to seaward, which had previously escaped our notice.

He was almost certain that he saw a black silk cape whipping out from the shoulders of the lone man in the car.

From this description I have little hesitation in settling Cape Leveque to be the point he passed round.

With that in mind, he parked Jeff Weedham's car and stepped out into the rain, his black cape wrapped around him.

It was the second time this year that the two Italians were making the voyage round Cape Horn.