Capillary [noun]

Definition of Capillary:

blood vessel

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Sentence/Example of Capillary:

That was an axiom on which was founded a vigorous war against all capillary adornments.

The leakage takes place, if not along cracks, through capillary channels, which are everywhere present in sea-ice.

Of course you have to keep wetting it, for hair will not draw oil fast enough by capillary action.

These craft look as though they ought to sink by mere capillary attraction.

This is called capillary attraction, the word capillary meaning a hair.

If it were not for this principle of capillary attraction, it would be difficult to form a bubble of air in a spirit level.

Now heat the bulb again, and at the same time heat the capillary tube over a second burner.

The thermometer is filled and the top of the capillary tube closed by the use of a small blowpipe flame.

The capillary tube is introduced and sealed in position, care being taken to expand the joint a little.

A capillary instrument between the lancets; probably representing the tongue of the perfect mouth.