Capitalists [noun]

Definition of Capitalists:

person engaged in private ownership of business

Synonyms of Capitalists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capitalists:

Sentence/Example of Capitalists:

Properly applied, the capitalist and the employer of labor need have nothing to fear from it.

The good will of that concern was, however, purchased by M. Ducroquet (a capitalist), who entrusted him with its management.

More than one capitalist put down his name for thirty thousand pounds.

The suffering of individuals, of large masses, indeed, is unavoidable under capitalist conditions.

How boldly he acted during the Haymarket tragedy—publicly advised the use of violence to avenge the capitalist conspiracy.

Therefore, Socialism by eliminating the Capitalist would make life impossible to many who now live.

This grossly unjust law made the workmen powerless to protect themselves against the oppression of the capitalist employer.

"You can rely on his dates and happenings; his interpretation's strictly capitalist, of course," he said.

The great French banker and capitalist then was Samuel Bernard.

His wages are part of the capitalist's 'costs of production.'