Capitalize [verb]

Definition of Capitalize:

benefit from situation

Synonyms of Capitalize:

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Sentence/Example of Capitalize:

The company has been working on a lot of this stuff already and clearly saw an opportunity to capitalize on it in mask form.

Inspired by the rapid development of AI tools like AlphaZero — the DeepMind program that can defeat humans at chess, Go and shogi — Szegedy’s group wants to capitalize on recent advances in language recognition to write proofs.

While the social network remains focused on keeping its ad revenue intact as the crisis unfolds, it is also trying to capitalize on the surge in online shopping that’s currently taking place in the midst of it.

Both countries are in deep recessions and had to try to balance the need to keep people safe with the desire to try and capitalize on a lucrative summer season.

Even though almost everybody in the league was a person whose whole life and job was to observe cultural trends and capitalize on them.

This holiday season should be used as an opportunity to capitalize on consumers buying more items they anticipate will be of use in 2021.

Your goal from this is to find areas that could be improved, either because they have dropped off or because they have started to improve and have presented an opportunity to capitalize on.

The grocer becomes a peer of France, artists capitalize their money, vaudevillists have incomes.

Among other things, it required that Clemens should not only complete the machine, but promote it, capitalize it commercially.

I don't know just yet how much it is goin' to take to capitalize you, but here's ten dollars for an option.