Capitalizing [verb]

Definition of Capitalizing:

benefit from situation

Synonyms of Capitalizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capitalizing:



Sentence/Example of Capitalizing:

In short, the Honorable Cale Floyd was not now averse to capitalizing his past vicissitudes.

Is the phalanstery to be prohibited from capitalizing and lending at interest?

Abstract nouns do not create anything and the capitalizing of a process never can explain it.

As for watered stock, I know all the sophistical arguments, and they are many, for capitalizing earning capacity.

Haverly specialized in minstrels, for he was a genius at capitalizing the enthusiasm of the theater-going public.

Here is another which shows his quickness in capitalizing a situation.

The value of land usually is explained simply as the capitalizing of its rents at "the prevailing rate of interest."

The land shark sells the land to a new settler for a still higher price, capitalizing the improvements made by the former settler.

Janov has been criticized for his apparent desire for public charisma and for capitalizing on advertising hype.

Then I'm going to get him and my brothers and their financial associates to make a plan for capitalizing and working the mine.