Capitulating [verb]

Definition of Capitulating:

give in

Synonyms of Capitulating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capitulating:





Sentence/Example of Capitulating:

I will tell you a secret, Chevalier; my only reason for capitulating was because I was short of powder.

Oh, hang your morality, Mr. Joseph; it's rather good fun to see the 'insolent beauty' of the season capitulating.

"Yet those were stern terms demanded from capitulating Louisbourg," spoke the Abbe thoughtfully.

I feel as much as you, Mr. Redgauntlet, the delicacy of capitulating with our sovereign in his present condition.

It is natural to oppose one extreme by another; and those who avoid both easily appear to be capitulating with error.

They were told that they had now no chance of being relieved, and were exhorted to save their lives by capitulating.

But many of the Irish chiefs loudly declared that it was time to think of capitulating.

She did most of the talking while he barely listened, being conscious only of the thumping of his capitulating heart.

There is an old story, that the county of Kent, on capitulating, made good conditions for itself.

Is it realized by the people of this country that America has already saved us from capitulating to the enemy?