Capitulum [noun]

Definition of Capitulum:

top part of an animate body

Synonyms of Capitulum:

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Sentence/Example of Capitulum:

Capitulum globosum, floridum magnitudine pruni minoris, fructiferum pomum parvum aequans.

Cirripedia having a carapace, consisting either of a capitulum on a peduncle, or of an operculated shell with a basis.

Cirripedia quibus pro carapace est aut capitulum pedunculatum, aut testa operculata cum basi.

Capitulum sine valvis; apertur ampl; pedunculus fimbriatus, sub-globosus, infossus.

I believe I saw in one specimen, most delicate transverse muscular fibres round the lower part of the elongated capitulum.

It is readily known by the numerous irregularly arranged scales at the base of the capitulum.

About 1220 Richard of Newport, then sacrist, "vetus capitulum destruxit, et novum a fundamentis construxit."

In all cases the capitulum is surrounded by one or more whorls of bracts which are often closely overlapping.

Capitulum or Flower-head of the Marigold, showing the involucre or whorl of overlapping bracts.

Here Khn translates by ‘acuminatum capitulum specilli’, which is incorrect.