Capon [noun]

Definition of Capon:

domesticated bird

Synonyms of Capon:

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Sentence/Example of Capon:

After office home to dinner, where come in my cozen Snow by chance, and I had a very good capon to dinner.

This, while it may have helped that "belly with fat capon lined," has kept him at peace with himself and the world.

The so-called capon made a sound like that of a childs drum when it falls to the ground.

The mayor opened the door, and called the notary, who was dining with him, to come and pass judgment on the capon.

During the repast the girl scarcely spoke; the capon she hardly touched; the claret she merely sipped.

Why, as Mr. Webster said at Capon Springs, "a compact broken by one party is broken as to all."

As the capon grows to maturity, it develops more of the qualities of the hen.

In fact, the weight of a capon's edible flesh is much greater than that of either a hen or a cock.

So you have him crimped here in his own house, stuffing him like a penned capon before you wring his neck.

My good housekeeper, without my having given any orders, had provided a young capon for my dinner.