Caps [noun]

Definition of Caps:

small hat

Synonyms of Caps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caps:


Sentence/Example of Caps:

A machine for making percussion caps was patented by John Abraham in 1864.

A rumbling sound that did not originate in the thunder caps above jerked Black Hood's attention from the drain.

On their heads they wore tightly fitting white caps, with a long flap hanging down as far as their shoulders.

When he and Bill finally shed their borrowed overalls and caps, the garage lights were on, and the lot behind the shop was dusky.

She did not make any of those daredevil speeches one generally caps with others more reckless still.

Quickly the three little soldiers put on their mittens and caps, and buttoned their coats, and hurried to the fort.

The latter wore wide white trousers, short blue jackets, and handsome round caps; they looked very well.

They crawled down off the lorry, and took off their caps, and ate every particle of food in the house.

Ladies appeared at the opera in caps la Keppel, and blue cockades bearing the Admiral's name were worn.

And out upon the ocean Nita saw the white-caps rolling in to the shore, as if eager to seize and carry off their helpless victim.