Captivated [verb]

Definition of Captivated:

attract, enchant

Synonyms of Captivated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Captivated:

Sentence/Example of Captivated:

The new monarch, with his striking personality and good looks, at once captivated the hearts of his fickle Southern subjects.

"It counts with a foolish old woman whom you have captivated," replied Mademoiselle, with her wriggling laugh.

His gravity, his intellectual life, his almost stoical philosophy impressed her imagination and captivated her understanding.

He was captivated by her genius and the charms of her conversation, and, above all, by her profound admiration of himself.

His frank, chivalrous nature was captivated by the bold personality of the Corsican, so great in war, so attractive in peace.

Oh, Aunt Jane must come back, she hasnt captivated the widower yet; or he might get married himself.

Perhaps Grace had been captivated by his fine appearance after all, and was only waiting for him to propose.

He came back to find a blooming maiden preserving the fresh, joyous grace which had captivated him in the child—and loved!

His handsome face, thrown into relief by a delightful nature, had captivated a Genoese heiress.

This execution, which so captivated the imagination of Sir Mungo Malagrowther, was really a striking one.