Captivates [verb]

Definition of Captivates:

attract, enchant

Synonyms of Captivates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Captivates:

Sentence/Example of Captivates:

Raphael enraptures and captivates, while Michael Angelo fascinates and overwhelms.

At love should no one ever wonder in another: a beauteous countenance oft captivates the wise, which captivates not the foolish.

If the drama rarely captivates the eye, it takes possession of the ear.

The infidel review is crisp in style, its arguments catchy, and the brilliancy of its diction captivates.

There is an air of stern and savage grandeur in everything around, which strangely captivates the imagination.

Gama addresses his prayer to God; and Venus, with her nymphs so captivates the storm-gods that a calm ensues.

The song of a bird flying over his head finally captivates his attention.

The shaman specially captivates the attention of the observer, being the very incarnation of enthusiasm.

Novelty captivates the superficial and thoughtless; vehemence delights the discontented and turbulent.

Still, it is not safe to trust too much to this precept, for without the resources of art a graceful form captivates many.