Captor [noun]

Definition of Captor:

one who has captured a person or thing

Synonyms of Captor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Captor:

Sentence/Example of Captor:

I managed to lift it a bit to escape further bruises as my captor roughly hauled me to the forest.

Richard could see now that the captive was indeed a woman, that she was struggling in the arms of her captor.

While the younger girls cried helplessly, Boone's daughter, seeing it was of no use to struggle, quietly followed her captor.

He was still suffering from hunger and longed for the return of his captor, for he thought he would bring food with him.

His captor hardly knew how to take this sally, or what answer to make to it.

Now let me proceed to narrate how I became the captor of a large-sized salmon.

At least, so thought his captor, and the idea touched some of the finer feelings in the bosom of the generous young seaman.

Dillon once more thanked his generous captor, and then proceeded to force his way up the rough eminence.

The woman in question was carried down beneath the stream, and, like Cherry of Zennor, made nurse to her captor's son.

At last the party reached the very castle of Regnier, and here his captor broke the long silence.