Captured [verb]

Definition of Captured:

catch and forcefully hold

Synonyms of Captured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Captured:

Sentence/Example of Captured:

The Spaniards captured two schooners, having on board 22 officers and 30 men, all of whom were hanged or sent to the mines.

They did not arrive in time, so that some of the vessels had sailed, three of which were captured by the enemy.

They also seized the lake gunboats, took an entire Spanish garrison prisoner, and captured a large quantity of stores.

The ruse by which he and Lannes captured the bridge below Vienna was discreditable no doubt from the point of view of morality.

It's a certainty that they will be captured if they spend that money at any trading-post within our jurisdiction.

Then our people were sure they were captured, and there was nothing but cries and confusion.

Porter had impressed upon his men that to be captured by the Yankees meant certain death.

He was at length defeated in battle, when 7,000 of his followers were slain and himself captured.

Only I fear they will not profit us much; for if my eyes deceive me not, both are already captured.

The Portuguese frigate Cine captured by the Algerines, after a smart action.