Captures [noun]

Definition of Captures:

catching, forceful holding

Opposite/Antonyms of Captures:

Sentence/Example of Captures:

His first idea is to seek wealth, so he builds a great boat and captures twelve hundred tunny fish.

There were some captures of cotton going out, and others of supplies going in, but the losses were for a long time inconsiderable.

Yes, you have done enough for one trip, and I should much regret were you to be deprived of any of your captures.

Frequently I would go out spearing and netting fish, my principal captures being mullet.

He captures a town which the king had besieged for three months without success.

Any scene that didn't witness a couple of captures and a couple of rescues was no good.

He, for example, effected some lucrative captures, and was paid £4000 as his share of the general booty.

He is an almost wholly carnivorous animal, his food consisting of fishes and seals, which he skillfully captures.

He met the enemy in force, and overcame him with a Havelock captures Bethan bayonet charge.

Then one dart of the long bill captures froggy, and the heron waits for another.