Capturing [verb]

Definition of Capturing:

catch and forcefully hold

Synonyms of Capturing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capturing:

Sentence/Example of Capturing:

The restoration of stolen goods was probably dwarfed in his mind by the importance of capturing the stealers.

There he distinguished himself by capturing Wrzburg and two thousand of the enemy with a squadron of one hundred hussars.

From her point of view Jacob Worse was well worth capturing, especially since he had entered into partnership with Garman.

The British were victorious, not only defeating the enemy, but capturing many of their standards, and most of their guns.

The serfs pillaged and set on fire all the houses of the bourgeois that they succeeded in capturing.

Brigadiers Wheeler and Wilson assailed their right, storming their lines and capturing their guns.

Foreign slaves were preferred to native ones, and wars were carried on for the chief purpose of capturing and selling captives.

To gain whatever honor there may be in a woman's capture by running ahead of his ruffians and capturing her himself!

Meanwhile, Bogey and Tinker had started after the escaped mule, which they found some difficulty in capturing.

The division which succeeded in capturing San Fernando had an indecisive affair at Cojedes.