Capuchins [noun]

Definition of Capuchins:

covering worn over the head

Synonyms of Capuchins:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capuchins:


Sentence/Example of Capuchins:

This is small, has brown hair, and commonly known by the name of the capuchin monkey.

Michael said that he did, and the Capuchin invited him to come back to the convent and see his collection.

He could not imagine anything more harmless than this Capuchin friar with the sore on his lip.

We penetrated to the Capuchin mission, which had never been visited by any naturalist.

Of these there were different kinds; but that which first drew the attention of our party was the great Capuchin monkey.

In the midst of them was Dorothy, in a crimson silk capuchin, for we had had one of our changes of weather.

Besides, the Capuchin fought to make a merit with the Cardinal of vexing Grotius, whom they both hated.

I have several times seen them envelop the heads of the spectators as if with cowls of Capuchin monks.

The artful Capuchin was too sure of his man to touch upon this ground of consolation.

The Church had formerly been represented by the Capuchin friars, and afterwards by the Récollets.