Caracal [noun]

Definition of Caracal:

large cat

Synonyms of Caracal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caracal:


Sentence/Example of Caracal:

The lynx inhabits cold and at most temperate climates, while the caracal is to be found only in the warmest countries.

From the remains left by this noble animal, the caracal not unoften enjoys a comfortable repast.

This odd-looking creature appears somewhat like a stoutly built caracal.

The name caracal signifies black-eared, and has been given to the animal because its ears are jet-black in color.

In South Africa, where the caracal abounds, its hide is made by the Zulus into skin-cloaks, known as karosses.

He had lost his way following the caracal, had wandered about he knew not where.

The caracal lies on a shelf in its den in the Zoological Gardens quietly licking its fur.

“Oh, these people call the leopard by that name; but the real caracal is the lynx or wild cat,” answered the missionary.

Their chiefs wore karosses of the skin of the wild cat, leopard or caracal.

The caracal has exerted a moral influence over me which I have been unable to resist.