Carbines [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Carbines:

As he stood, gloomily lost in the horror of the moment, another carbine was fired, accompanied by shouts from the soldiers.

But the jar threw my six-shooter where I couldn't reach it, and the carbine was jammed in the stirrup-leather on the wrong side.

Trevithick invented and made a carbine with a short barrel of large bore, having a hollow frame-work stock.

"Back your horse clear of the trail," he said, and there was a rattle as he flung his carbine across the saddle.

William Jencks had invented a carbine, and Uncle Sam wanted several thousand guns made in a hurry under the patent.

A few carbine and musket shots, from the knoll and house, soon brought them to a halt, and sent them to the right-about.

I had just time to shift my carbine to the front under my overcoat and loosen the flap of my holsters when the lady drove up.

Finding his carbine and reloading it, he went over to the dead man, turning the body over.

I has a forty-four carbine, a forty-five rifle and a thirty rifle.

Malco Diaz charged his carbine, shouldered it, and without slackening his horse, fired.