Carcase [noun]

Definition of Carcase:

dead body; framework, base structure

Synonyms of Carcase:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carcase:


Sentence/Example of Carcase:

He sets out, and on his journey finds a lion, a wolf, and a falcon disputing over the carcase of a horse.

As for Homer Smith, his carcase might rot in the desert of Arizona, or anywhere, for aught he cared.

Is the carcase of a bird really a more scientific thing than its lustrous, colored plumage and its song with its subtle tones?

“Where the carcase is, there the eagles are gathered together,” said cook, solemnly.

Everybody has heard of his rude taunt thereupon at Elizabeth, that 'her conditions were as crooked as her carcase.'

That would look less suspicious than a bullet hole, in the event of the carcase being found.

“This we call an iguana,” said the hermit as he piled a number of heavy stones on the carcase to preserve it from other animals.

Four kicking hoofs turn convulsively upwards and the lifeless carcase falls into the deep water with a great splash.

The hermit washed his face in the neighbouring brook, and then proceeded to skin the jaguar, the carcase being worthless.

Then it was that a sea-leopard was observed tearing off and swallowing great pieces of flesh and blubber from the carcase.