Carcasses [noun]

Definition of Carcasses:

dead body; framework, base structure

Synonyms of Carcasses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carcasses:


Sentence/Example of Carcasses:

Their slain shall be cast forth, and out of their carcasses shall rise a stink: the mountains shall be melted with their blood.

But I reckon we'll have to take these two carcasses along as a sort of corroborative evidence.

Still the host pressed on, though, far back as eye might scan, the carcasses and the crows marked out the line of marching.

I found them asleep in a bunch o' cedars, with our nice tent stretched over their thievin' carcasses.

It was no small job to skin the carcasses and prepare the meat.

This valley is lined with buffalo bones and carcasses, their skulls lie about in every direction.

They are exceedingly voracious, feeding upon carcasses and filth of every description.

Lastly, bury all useless carcasses as speedily as possible, by which means you will keep down the number of the flies.

The heaviest stones which I could raise rebounded upon their carcasses with a loud noise, but did not pierce them.

Here and there lay a dead cow or dog, and in the branches of a maple-tree the carcasses of two sheep were entangled.