Carcinoma [noun]

Definition of Carcinoma:

abnormal growth in animate being

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Sentence/Example of Carcinoma:

It is delayed in most organic diseases of the stomach, especially in dilatation and carcinoma, but not in neuroses.

When found in the fluid removed after a test-meal, it commonly points toward ulcer or carcinoma.

When bleeding piles are absent, blood-streaks upon such a stool point to carcinoma.

The case classed as a carcinoma was secondary to cancer of the pylorus; both ovaries were affected.

This was also believed by Hurtrel D'Arboval, who looked upon canker as carcinoma of the recticular structure of the foot.

Carcinoma is far more common than sarcoma, and is generally of the squamous-celled variety.

Malignant tumours, both carcinoma and sarcoma, in which an early diagnosis has been made, and so long as they remain intrinsic.

Wassermann experimented with mice inoculated with transplanted tumors of the types of carcinoma and sarcoma.

Laennec was the first to give a description of carcinoma encephaloides and certain especially malignant forms of cancers.

The innocent forms are the papilloma and the adenoma; the malignant, the carcinoma or cancer.