Cardboards [noun]

Definition of Cardboards:

piece of paper, often with purposeful writing

Synonyms of Cardboards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cardboards:


Sentence/Example of Cardboards:

He tucked his cardboards carefully into his locker and followed her up the ward firing repartee.

Thus v. Frisch could train bees to go to a blue piece of cardboard distributed among many cardboards of different shades of grey.

He then went on to relate several experiments he had made with pieces of cardboards, with different words marked upon them.

Those from up-State were pasted on huge cardboards and carried in the parade by delegations from the various counties.

They were always at work, both of them—the mother at the stove, and the father at the cardboards.

When the colored cardboards were removed it was found that there was usually no preference for right or left.

Little mining hamlets composed of matchbox houses cling to the face of the precipice like cardboards stuck on a nail.

For convenience of handling about the tills, these lists are mounted upon thick cardboards.

Some attention should be paid to the tint of the card, many cardboards having a tendency to turn yellow with age and exposure.

Stewards were busy closing ports and windows with fitted cardboards.