Cared [verb]

Definition of Cared:

tend to

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Sentence/Example of Cared:

Essential workers— health care workers, grocery workers, and many schoolteachers, among others—are at high risk for infection because they cannot socially distance.

Elective procedures, a big profit-generator for device makers and hospitals, slowed or stopped altogether, while older people in particular put off medical care of all kinds to avoid exposure to the coronavirus.

She wondered how she and other front-line health- care workers at New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia would get through.

Businesses will close once again, more schools will be forced to go online, and our health care system will fail.

All three authors are public health and primary care physicians.

Still others, such as hospital-acquired staph infections, are spread by people taking care of the sick or dying.

We put tremendous care and attention into every touchpoint, whether that’s packaging, our editorial that comes with each shipment, or an email exchange with our support team.

Earlier this year, a group of about 40 Cameroonian women staged a sit-in and released an open letter outlining complaints of inadequate medical care at a refugee facility near Austin, Texas.

We kept everyone who was eligible for and had health care through us.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the inextricable link between child care and the economy — and it's pushing businesses to confront the cost of working parents' unpaid side gig.