Careen [verb]

Definition of Careen:

tilt; move wildly down path

Synonyms of Careen:







Opposite/Antonyms of Careen:

Sentence/Example of Careen:

Here and there he lay in such rubbish as motionless as the effigies careen on marble biers.

At early dawn a fierce gust of wind caused the schooners "Hamilton" and "Scourge" to careen far to leeward.

On the 28th the weather was fine enough to "Careen clean and tallow the ships five streaks below the water line."

He by no means suffering them to "careen at Umrest where all the Dutch ships are cleaned."

Al, who was in the main cabin, ran forward as he felt the boat shiver and careen and looked down over the bow.

In order to careen their ships, and lay in wait for their prey, they steered for the Pearl Islands.

When we have your report, we can arrange to careen the ship, but not before.

He came hither to careen, therefore hauled into the harbour and unrigged his ship.

Here it was subjected to a heavy strain, that, as the tide fell, would careen the vessel to that side.

The beautiful island of Anchediva now offered a convenient place to careen his ships and refresh his men.