Careered [verb]

Definition of Careered:

beat; throw hard

Synonyms of Careered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Careered:




Sentence/Example of Careered:

Antelopes careered lightly over the ground, dark against the white snow.

The heavens shone serene and clear, the sun careered in brightness along the hills, and the busy camp was soon astir.

The hot blood of the Metis as he careered over the prairie on his steed boiled up at the least provocation.

We careered madly to a steep bank, when I got the upper hands of my antaggernist and threw him into the raveen.

Men of all colours went to and fro, like mad creatures; women followed; children careered hither and thither.

At either end of the building an open window admitted the tip of a banana-leaf; up their green ribs the sprightly mouse careered.

Having careered, plunging and tugging and side-stepping, until she was astraddle of the outside trace, Jenny stopped.

Some wooden horses careered gaily round, and the swingboats leaped into the mild blue sky.

The little boys shouted, the little girls tossed their manes, and careered round the pool on slender black legs.

Whatever may be thought of Sigurd's college career, there can be no doubt that he careered through college.