Careering [verb]

Definition of Careering:

beat; throw hard

Synonyms of Careering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Careering:




Sentence/Example of Careering:

He brings out all their power, brilliancy and careering wildness, and makes the greatest sensation of them.

He went careering forward to his point, overturning and wounding; but as he speeded on, he left a train of enemies behind.

But the Revolution, like a spirit of destruction, was now careering onward with resistless power.

He went careering round the room like one mad, knocking over a chair, waking up Amy, and bringing her to the scene of action.

You have not strength to sit a donkey, and you must go careering off to Worcester races on a fiery horse!

The horseman had turned, as the sexton stated, careering towards a revolting object at some little distance on the right hand.

Jemmy was careering joyously round and round the yard when a crack of the lash across his back dislodged him.

The people gave a huge shout, and the fiery beast went careering round the square at full tilt.

The two mice, careering wildly, scampered cheekily over his slippers.

Some fifty seamen or more were dragging it along at a rapid rate, leaping and careering, laughing and cheering.