Careers [noun]

Definition of Careers:

course, path

Synonyms of Careers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Careers:

Sentence/Example of Careers:

This is called stage-fright, and it is never cured; it has ruined more brilliant careers than the critics have.

Nearly all the first Medici had natural children, whose careers were invariably brilliant.

Moreover, the noisy careers of Liszt and Thalberg serve as a set-off to the noiseless one of Chopin.

Others of less merit were detached for the civil service, and in that also their careers were at the imperial mercy.

Then the steamer takes a sharp turn, leaves the bank, and careers across into midstream!

But they were called to different careers, and destiny separated them.

Charles, our position was a hopeless one and our careers had concluded then and there but for the arrival of the ally.

But by going with them, guiding our careers along their courses, they will bear us to the port we're steering for.

Germany made careers for her young men, instead of young men for careers, with the result that she also made machines out of them.

These were days of quick promotion, of comet-like reputations and of great careers cut short.