Carefree [adjective]

Definition of Carefree:

lighthearted, untroubled

Synonyms of Carefree:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carefree:

Sentence/Example of Carefree:

In a few days a new home was ready and the terrible hurricane forgotten by the carefree, happy little boy.

It was a carefree kind of life, with just enough of variety to hold Bud's interest to the adventuring.

Men thought that if he had had a guilty conscience, he could not have seemed so carefree.

And I seem not greatly to care: whenever that comes home to me I merely light a carefree cigarette.

He is prudent and sacrifices the immediate petty delights to the advantage of a carefree age.

Marietta was still the gay carefree girl she had always been, not at all inclined to choose yet among her many anxious suitors.

They had not laughed since, before the Governor yonder, she had suddenly made believe that she was a carefree, great lady.

The gallant, delightful, carefree life of the planter class had been undermined by a war which was eating away its foundations.

"We have already been looking at it," said I with a laugh intended to be light and carefree.

Mr. Saltus was so carefree and happy that he romped and played like a child.