Caregivers [noun]

Definition of Caregivers:

person caring for child

Synonyms of Caregivers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caregivers:


Sentence/Example of Caregivers:

As parents and caregivers, we’re all doing the best we can, and we can rest easy knowing that technology and media are tools to both entertain and educate our kids, and to give us a well-deserved break when needed.

Kelly is the primary caregiver for her mother, who has diabetes and a chronic inflammatory lung disease.

All of which means that caregivers are once again facing the impossible task of acting as parent, breadwinner, and teacher—all at once.

Late in August, Twilio announced it would up that leave policy to four weeks and roll out a $500 stipend for caregivers now paying for tutoring, nannying, etc.

In the empathic paradigm, the subjectivity of the other is "assumed to be as whole and valid as that of the caregiver" (p. 68).

"To care for" seems to require that the caregiver see oneself as caring person reflected in the other (Watson, 1987).