Cares [noun]

Definition of Cares:

personal interest, concern

Opposite/Antonyms of Cares:

Sentence/Example of Cares:

The cathedral is the only Spanish parochial church; it cares for two thousand four hundred souls.

This habit and the fact that she cares more for color than for drawing are the usual criticisms of her pictures.

If among them is one who cares to work with a fever of industry that even socialism cannot calm, let him do it.

Under the present order and with the present gloomy preconceptions they have been the least of its collective cares.

I don't believe that Dorothy Chester cares a pin whether she gets in with rich folks or not!

You know that I would not, she answered proudly; but Sue doesnt know any better; all she cares for is the fun of the moment.

You inflict a punishment which confers honour on the culprit in the eyes of the only persons for whose opinion he cares.

Im going to see your mother; she cares more about dress than you and Dine put together.

This looked beyond the shadows of time and the sordid cares of earth to the grandeur of the Infinite and the Eternal.

A good gambler never cares whose money he spends or how much he loses.