Caressing [verb]

Definition of Caressing:

touch lovingly

Synonyms of Caressing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caressing:

Sentence/Example of Caressing:

There was a caressing tenderness in her voice as she said it, but whether for himself or for another he could not tell.

Bruder Schliemann's long white fingers were caressing the keys to some purpose.

She almost whispered the words, but he heard her, and to him there was something caressing in her tone.

Gradually, however, the girl became calmer, her manner to Georgie got softer and more caressing.

Arnold nodded thoughtfully; his fingers moved unconscious and caressing across the edge of the desk.

His words had been more fraternal than lover-like; but she had lost their exact sense in the caressing warmth of his voice.

Her other hand restrained with a soft caressing movement Joey's approaches to the saucer.

Though she hates me for a thousand reasons she is always caressing me in the hope of turning me against my uncles.

"Not as you would, my darling," he replied, holding her close and caressing her with great tenderness.

On the island shore lay Lamont, rifle to shoulder, his cheek caressing the stock, head leaning over as though in sleep.