Caretakers [noun]

Definition of Caretakers:

person who maintains something

Synonyms of Caretakers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caretakers:


Sentence/Example of Caretakers:

To ease the pressure on all you parents and caretakers out there, we’ve put together a guide chock-full of shortcuts and useful tips to help make this back-to-school season a little simpler for everybody.

“You become not so much the sole caretaker in the world,” Ruch-Gallie says.

They described women as gatherers, weavers and child caretakers.

The tenant acts as caretaker and apparently takes pride in keeping the place in order.

When a caretaker enters the house of one of the good neighbours, is she accompanied by her annoyances?

Does the caretaker lead a happy life in the house of one of the good neighbours?

The caretaker told me they call it the 'Cradle of Liberty,' here; and I don't wonder.

“Seems more cheerful like,” observed the caretaker, as the steady tick-tack began to sound through the quiet room.

Frequently the caretaker started the fires a few minutes before the time for the girls to appear.

One, a woman, engaged the caretaker in conversation for some time in the hall, getting all the information she could give her.