Careworn [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Careworn:

His gaiety kept the careworn woman in rare laughter during the meal.

This youth alone, of all the party, had a somewhat careworn and sad expression on his brow.

But the dauphin, gloomy and careworn, spoke of having the headache, and retired before they sat at table.

Godfrey's face was careworn as he sat at the head of the table, on his left Raymond, on his right Bohemond.

A rather gaunt and careworn, but clean and honest-looking, elderly woman stood before them.

In all three cases hostile armies were arrayed within striking distance of each other, and the generals were careworn.

He seemed to grow older and more careworn, day by day, but locked his pain and grief in his own breast closely.

Out in the sunlight his face appeared older, more careworn, but although it cost him an effort to walk, his step was unfaltering.

He had grown thin and careworn, and had lost the loud, cheery manner for which he had been remarkable.

He had a bandage about his head, and looked thin and careworn, but he was alive, and Constans felt glad at heart for his friend.